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Reimagining Cookbooks for a Digital World with the Power of eBooks

Cookbooks have taken a new shape in this digital era, shifting the focus from just a recipe information hub to experience-led content. A cookbook may cover generic topics or specialize in a particular cuisine or category of food. What is unique about cookbooks is that they can be written by individual authors, chefs, cooking teachers, food bloggers, collectives or anyone who knows and appreciates the art and science of cooking. These cookbooks might aim to communicate to home cooks or professionals, such as chefs and institution cooks, or to a particular niche audience. To begin with, the role of Newgen was to understand to whom a particular book is addressed and what different audience segments expect from a cookbook. By doing so, we were fully equipped to deliver an end-to-end publishing solution, considering all the factors of consideration.

The Challenge

With a plethora of online content, the biggest challenge was to recreate the experience of flipping through an actual cookbook on a digital platform and make a lasting impression amid the millions of other pieces of content that every digital user consumes.

The Solution Delivered

The foremost ingredient of creating a perfect cookbook would be attracting a target market. This was done by shooting the blind method and creating highly illustrated content where the physical relationships between the different elements on the printed pages were made more comprehensive and inspiring at every step of the e-reader’s journey. We at Newgen understand the nuances of the requirement for bringing alive any eBook, especially in the Food & Beverage space.

Here are some features that enhanced the readers’ experience of our digital illustration services:s

  • Easy Access
    JavaScript API was used to integrate interactive design and features, wherein the reader could change the ingredients based on the required number of servings.
    Enabling effortless recipe-level navigation.
    Seamless flips between pages.
  • Quick Tracking
    Availability of bookmarks and speedy search capabilities to get you to key pages in a flash.
    Embedded links to recommendations’ websites.
  • Visual Elements
    Adding video demonstration to make it an immersive visual experience.
  • Enhancing Credibility
    Adding honest reviews for all budgets.

The Impact Delivered

Combining immersive and interactive features integrated into the Cookbook, the Food & Wine eBook version offers a holistic experience that includes clarity, convenience and captivating content. Working on multiple projects on eBook conversion has resulted in Newgen delivering optimal results with every data conversion. This has further resulted in Newgen creating cookbooks for Callisto Media and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. These books have made it to the Apple and Amazon bestseller lists. Adding to that list, we have also produced the Cookbook, Food & Wine audio and video feature, which has benefited the publisher as it multiplies the chances of this potential cookbook becoming one of the bestsellers.

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