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Aiding the Wheels of Learning

One of the projects from Universal Technical Institute (UTI) that Newgen found very challenging was when it requested support in migrating its Adobe Flash e-learning modules to html5 within a short span. 

The requirements for the project were to recreate 25 courses, 25000 screens and 6000 animations, pass them through a stringent quality check and replace existing learning management system (LMS) content within 4 months. 

Newgen performed a detailed initial analysis to estimate the efforts and the requirements and prepared a plan for executing the various tasks within timelines. Articulate Storyline 360 was chosen as the preferred platform for course production during the assessment. A proof-of-concept was prepared to demonstrate the practical possibilities of the development using this platform.

Around 40 full-time employees had to be deployed for the project within 2 weeks. Additional articulate experts and graphic designers were also hired within the short span. Workflows, checklists, guidelines, and trackers were established before the production phase. The instructional designers at Newgen played a key role in developing a template based on the various content types. The production process kick-started with storyboard building followed by creating 25000 screens and 6000 flash animation conversions/tweaking. Continuous training sessions/exercises were initiated weekly to manage the frequent new instructions/design updates from the end customer. An expert team was deployed to streamline the new updates/instruction changes within the team to ensure consistent quality throughout the process.

The project was completed in less than 4 months with the expected quality and the customer could launch this product on time.


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