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Publishing Platforms, XML and Metadata

This episode of the IPG Podcast features Jo Bottrill of Newgen KnowledgeWorks discussing the value of publishing platforms, XML workflows, and good metadata management. In addition to sharing advice on all three subjects, Jo also has thoughts on current opportunities and challenges for academic and educational publishers.

Credits: This podcast was produced and published by the Independent Publishers Guild, the UK’s largest association of publishers. To access the full catalogue, visit Libsyn Directory.


The Twin Weapons of Planning and Execution
A challenging project we had managed for a reputed university press was to take over production of their journals from their existing pre-press supplier.
Carrying a teaching legacy forward
Reader's Choice 6th Edition is an ESL/EFL textbook for the teaching of academic skills. Its focus is on the reader's ability to select the proper skills or strategies to solve complex reading challenges.
Readability, consistency and quality of content in translated documents
Multilingual desktop publishing plays an integral part in translating/localizing documents.
Are you using a legacy print publishing workflow to support a digital model?
The speed at which the dynamic publishing domain is morphing into is mindboggling.
How adopting a technology solution helped in seamless conversion of multi-language books with speed and precision
The world of reading has taken a dramatic turn with digital sophistication and the demand for e-books has also been on the rise since its inception.
Transformation of Quality Feedback Data into Analytics. The Newgen Way.
For the quality team at Newgen, continuous improvement is an endeavour across the company, aimed at external as well as internal stakeholders.
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