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Log Off at Newgen

We are thrilled to share the highlights of an incredibly fun event that was organized right here in our office in Chennai. On a vibrant morning at the office space, the
atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as participants gathered in person, and online for a thrilling, fun activity event. The organizers ensured a
seamless experience for both in-person and virtual attendees, fostering a sense of unity among the diverse workforce. The clock struck 10:30 a.m., and the day kicked off with infectious
The event commenced with Ashok taking the stage and inviting Murali to set the tone with an engaging introductory speech. As the event unfolded, we were introduced to a game called ‘Captain Says’, which was organized by Murali himself. The participants put their skills to the test, vying for the ultimate title of winner. After a tough competition, it was Nithin who emerged victorious, showcasing his talent and determination.
The atmosphere was further enhanced by the enchanting melodies of our talented singers.
With Srinivasan’s rendition of Vannam KondaVennilavae and Radhika’s captivating performance of Mayil pola ponnu onnu, we were transported to a world of musical bliss.
The stumping game brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. In the men’s category, Nithin once again proved his skills, securing the title of the winner. In the women’s category, the victory was shared by Sanofer Thaslim and Banumathi, w/ o Raghuraman, who showed exceptional agility and precision. The youngest participants, the kids, also impressed us all,
with Adhira emerging as the winner among them.
A highlight of the event was the dynamic quiz programme hosted by Ashok, which captured the attention of all 180 participants. The questions were both entertaining and
thought-provoking, leading to an intense yet enjoyable competition. The competition was fierce, and after an exhilarating battle of wits, the victory was claimed by Priya, who emerged
as the champion of the day.

To keep the momentum going, we were treated to a series of melodious performances by our talented colleagues. Baskar, Srinivasan, Babu, Hari Doss, Haji
Mohamed, Deepa, Priya and Minoo showcased their vocal abilities, captivating the audience with their melodious performances and brought the entire office together through their
mesmerizing melodies.
Lastly, to infuse a sense of unity and camaraderie within our workspace, our ever-charming Dinesh engaged in a delightful session of group singing. From popular chart-toppers to
uplifting anthems, our collective voices resonated, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness that will be remembered for a long time. The in-person participants were treated to
a delightful spread of tea and snacks. This provided an opportunity for everyone to unwind, share their experiences and strengthen the bonds within the team.
The success of the event was not just in the lively activities but also in the seamless integration of both in-person and virtual elements. The organizers’ meticulous planning
ensured that everyone, regardless of their physical presence, felt connected and part of the shared experience.
The event organized by the Logoff Team turned out to be a resounding success, bringing moments of laughter, excitement and a sense of togetherness within our office. A positive work
environment is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. It reminded us of the importance of having fun and fostering strong bonds that go beyond work.
Thanks to all the participants and performers who made it truly unforgettable. Let us cherish these memories and look forward to many more such enjoyable moments in the future.


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