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How a Technology Solution Enabled the Seamless, Speedy and Precise Conversion of Multi-language Books

The world of reading has taken a dramatic turn with digital sophistication and growing demand for eBooks. It is seen that more and more publishers have started embracing eBook trends and are moving towards online publishing as well as converting their existing pieces of content into digital versions. To meet the evolving trend, one of the leading aggregators approached Newgen for managing the conversion of nearly 4000+ books in Latin European and Russian languages. In order to cater to the industry demands for a quick and seamless conversion, Newgen upgraded its platform to handle multi-language content conversion.

The Challenge

To cope with the evolving digital scenario, Newgen had to convert a bulk of non-English text to digital platforms for better reach and accessibility. Moreover, converting large volumes of data by relying on manual methods could be time consuming and prone to errors. Also, the language barrier was one of the major challenges for accurate conversion of books. In order to complete the project successfully, Newgen developed a single portal system to manage the entire process.

The Solution Delivered

Newgen’s conversion engine was designed to manage a large inflow of content for conversion. And, the system could validate accurately and also understand when human expertise was required to authenticate the reading. This helps in preserving the original print content and improves the fidelity of the e-books without affecting the editing and proofreading that has been done to the print version.

Listed below are the major features of the conversion system:

  • Handling a high-volume inflow of content, especially multi-language text.
  • A language specialist integrated into the system to ensure quality standards.
  • Ability to capture text/tags automatically.

The Impact Created

Two major projects were completed well ahead of the launch and Newgen extended its full support in launching the project on time. With the automated system in place, manual work was reduced and human errors were avoided, thus delivering accurate and reliable content. Now, Newgen has begun supporting many aggregators and publishers in converting their texts in various languages such as Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Hebrew. Nearly 60% of Newgen’s e-book conversion projects have been for other language books and our conversion platform has yielded results on quick and precise conversion.


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