Box of Crayons: Project Day at Nandavanam, a Magnificent Success for Kids and Adults Alike!

The Nandavanam Healing Center had its Project Day to allow its children to showcase their abilities, creativity, and innovation through four stations arranged and managed by the children themselves with the support of their teachers. A number of visitors including parents, extended families, representatives from various special schools, stakeholders, and the general public took part in this event. 
Magic Hands was a station with a beautiful display of wonderful handcraft like paper bags, wet-on-wet painting, home decor, greeting cards, kitchen gardening, compost making, etc. Nandavanam practices handcraft as an important modality as it helps their young group of children to improve their fine motor skills, sitting tolerance, and concentration. The guests had hands-on experience making handicrafts with the children and had a lovely time interacting with them.
Kiddo’s Café, a skill development process that helps students think beyond everyday challenges, this station helped them tap into their abilities, develop real-life skills, and prepare themselves to be successful in future careers of their choice. The cafe was one among the modalities through which Nandavanam could develop the skills of its older group of children. The cafe was a perfect place where one could enjoy the peeping rays of the sun from their kitchen garden while sipping on hot cups of herbal tea. Children from the older group anchored the cafe. After a customer chose an item they wanted from a picture menu, the children, within a few minutes, prepared a luscious drink
using their accessible cookware and served the guests with love.
Dora Beauty brought beauty into the lives of others while facing challenges themselves. Alongside personality development, practising good self-grooming tips helps children grow their confidence while following societal boundaries. The children at this station demonstrated great talent while managing the art form of applying mehandi (henna). The guests felt the process to be calming and joyful. Meanwhile, the teachers oriented the guests about the importance of teaching children about health, hygiene, and grooming.
Moving Bird – Nandavanam believes that movement moves the soul and hence they incorporated movements through activities like basic eurythmy, stick activities, ball games, and group exercises.
To give a taste of what visitors could expect, a station for movements was set up where the guests tried their skills at balancing walk, stick activities, and a ball game.

Nandavanam is a CSR venture of Newgen KnowledgeWorks, focused on creating a space for the care and healing of underprivileged kids with disabilities. The Nandavanam Healing
Center caters to children with developmental challenges like autism, mental Retardation, cerebral Palsy and multiple Disabilities. The Nandavanam Center for Learning started as an
after-school support program catering to  first generation school-goers from the local fishermen community, which organically developed into a school for dropouts and children
with learning disabilities.


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